When people embody their innate wisdom and are able to live more fully in their lives, they help turn the tides for the world’s greatest challenges.

I write, coach, teach, and share as a way to help individuals, groups, and organizations meet their greatest challenges with courage and wisdom. I teach people and systems to tap into their own inherent dignity and innate intelligence so that they may better serve their vision in the world. 

I offer tools, resources and a presence that can help people address their most pressing challenges and stuck places.

Halleluiah Strongheart has been studying and practicing wisdom teachings and personal development for almost two decades. She has studied Buddhism and held several leadership positions with Shambhala, whose mission is to create a more enlightened world. She has a background in education which helps her to design and facilitate engaging curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. She received an MA in Organization Development and Leadership from Fielding University and seeks to combine wisdom teachings, including Buddhism and Daoism, with cutting edge systems and integral theory to help people and organizations solve their most complex challenges.

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