how to be a spiritual superhero

I’ve been a spiritual person my whole life. I never grew up religious and was very skeptical of “GOD”, but since I can remember I’d go searching in the woods for signs of magic. I’d pray to the sky and the stars even though I never knew who I was actually praying to. But my childhood and teenage years were so challenging and disorienting, that I needed the anchor of spiritual connection even if it came with uncertainty. 

Then in my twenties I found buddhism and the dharma. So at least I knew what I was praying to, my own innate wisdom that is connected to all the wisdom in the universe. Check. But I was still terribly disoriented and suffered a lot with addictions, health problems, and unhealthy relationships. The fact that the buddhist teachings begin with, life is suffering, wasn’t helping either, I needed some relief!

So I started to have what I would call small spiritual crises. I’d go for walks in the woods and literally and metaphorically fall to my knees in desperation. Please help me I’d say,  I can’t do this alone. And each time my prayers would be answered. I can’t say how exactly (that’d be giving away too much) but each time I knew with unshakeable certainty what I needed to do. 

But here’s the thing: with great power comes great responsibility. 

Ok, Ok, I know- Spiderman said it first, or maybe it was Winston Churchill. But I’m going to put a small spin on this maxim. 

When you are genuine in your prayers for support from the powers that be (however you define them) and they respond, you have the responsibility to act on that wisdom. If you don’t, and I discovered this the hard way, the lesson will come back 10x stronger. 

So if you pray for an answer on whether or not you should leave your boyfriend and then you know with unshakeable doubt the answer is yes but you don’t because it’s too comfortable to stay-well then, you just might end up being more miserable, just sayin’.  

It’s not always this black and white and granted, there are many variables. But what I’m saying is simply this: 

There exists a huge well-spring of power and wisdom that we can tap into if we genuinely want to. We must do so with humbleness. But once we tap into that universal source of power, we can’t just stay high and put it in our pocket as a token. This is part of the challenge of doing powerful plant medicines like ayahuasca or mushrooms. We gain incredible spiritual insight, but then what we do with that insight is what matters. It doesn’t mean we have to be drastic, but how will we respond? What is the response-ability of power? Our own power? 

How will we implement wisdom into our everyday lives and make the necessary changes so that the spiritual wisdom that’s guiding us will see us as an ally? 

This is a question I ask rhetorically my friends because I’m still figuring it out. But I will say, this is the journey of warriors, true spiritual warriors who are willing, like Spiderman (um, kinda) to bear the great weight of spiritual power and bring that into the world. 

Leave me note about your own experience with this and fly on my friends. 

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