Develop the capacity
to respond to challenges

Tap into a deeper sense of who you are
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Halleluiah Strongheart has been studying and practicing wisdom teachings and personal development for almost two decades. She has studied Buddhism and held several leadership positions with Shambhala, whose mission is to create a more enlightened world. She has a background in education which helps her to design and facilitate engaging curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. She received an MA in Organization Development and Leadership from Fielding University and seeks to combine wisdom teachings, including Buddhism and Daoism, with cutting edge systems and integral theory to help people and organizations solve their most complex challenges.


Developing Presence

What is presence and why is it so transformational? Presence is a word you hear often these days in regards to leadership and personal development. It’s a highly desired quality that you can’t fake. But what is presence exactly, how do we cultivate it and why is it so transformational? In these challenging and constantlyContinue reading “Developing Presence”


how to harness the energy of life With so much going on in the world and in our lives it’s easy to feel a lack of energy. We go through our days managing work, relationships, health, kids, school, and “life admin” and by the end of the day we collapse. It can feel like ourContinue reading “Windhorse”

How to be Authentic

Authenticity is a highly desirable quality in today’s world, especially among leaders. It’s not something you can fake and you know it when you see it Authenticity is a highly desirable quality in today’s world, especially among leaders. It’s not something you can fake and you know it when you see it. Authentic people seemContinue reading “How to be Authentic”

Sacred World

The world is filled with power and wisdom, we’ve just forgotten how to see and feel it. With all of the challenges going on in the world today it’s easy to feel like everything is doomed and that humanity is to blame. From the mishandling of the Covid pandemic, to police brutality and the climateContinue reading “Sacred World”

Change Mastery

How to handle change during unpredictable times Change is hard. It’s true. We love predictability and routine, everything is going along smoothly and then life throws a curveball at us and it’s like we have no ground. Covid is a perfect example of how hard change is for all of us. This has been aContinue reading “Change Mastery”

How to have discipline

To have consistent practices in our life, and to stay present in a world that is overwhelming and constantly changing, we need discipline. We need to be open to our journey as a learning experience, not as militaristic. When we are open, we can shift and respond as needed and keep going despite the ups and downs of life.

How the Buddhist Teachings can help us during this strange and particular time

This is a strange and particular time. I feel like I’ve heard that in a million different ways in the past couple of months since the Covid pandemic turned all our lives upside down. For some of us, there’s been drastic change-we’ve lost our jobs and have been sick or known someone who has beenContinue reading “How the Buddhist Teachings can help us during this strange and particular time”


What’s the difference and how to practice them in times of stress One of the most powerful tools we can use to increase our capacity for growth and more evolved states of being is mindfulness/awareness. It’s a practice we can integrate into our everyday lives that helps us turn the mirror on ourselves, not inContinue reading “Mindfulness/Awareness”

We’re in a Bardo

What the Buddhist teachings reveal about this moment and how it helps We all find ourselves in an unprecedented situation due to the Corona virus outbreak. If we’re lucky enough to have our basic needs taken care of, this can feel both frightening and liberating. My son is home from school for at least threeContinue reading “We’re in a Bardo”

Kindness as Medicine

To be kind does not mean we don’t feel the wide spectrum of painful human emotions: anger, fear, criticism, judgement, bitterness…. It’s how we hold these emotions in an atmosphere of complete acceptance and forgiveness that’s the practice of kindness and what makes us kind people to ourselves and others.

If you feel sad, there’s nothing wrong. In fact, sadness is our birthright.

As I sit staring out the window, there is gently falling snow accumulating on the February ground. The sky is white and gray. It’s the kind of quiet where you wonder if you’re the only one in the world. The texture of my inner world reflects this quiet gray. I feel a tenderness and alonenessContinue reading “If you feel sad, there’s nothing wrong. In fact, sadness is our birthright.”

Holiday Madness

I was talking with my mom the other evening about Christmas and buying presents for my almost five year old son. I’m not Christian and didn’t grow up religious but we love Christmas in my family. Decorating a tree, the lights, Christamas carols, food, presents, chocolate!! I have such special memories about that time ofContinue reading “Holiday Madness”

Overcoming Self-Doubt

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with self-doubt. Self-doubt that I’m good enough, that I’m capable enough, that I’m pretty enough, that I should speak up for myself, that I did speak up for myself…on and on. At its core, these negative thought patterns are really fundamentally doubting one’s worth as aContinue reading “Overcoming Self-Doubt”

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of suffering in the world? Read this.

I remember being a young girl and finding a flyer that PETA, the animal rights organization, had put out that had photos of animals being abused and suffering. It affected me so deeply, I both couldn’t stand to look at the photos and at the same time couldn’t stop. I finally broke into huge body-heavingContinue reading “Feel overwhelmed by the amount of suffering in the world? Read this.”

how to be a spiritual superhero

How will we implement wisdom into our everyday lives and make the necessary changes so that the spiritual wisdom that’s guiding us will see us as an ally?

basic worthiness

This may not be news to you, but I’m going to say it anyway, because it’s worth repeating: you are worthy. Basically Worthy. Now let me repeat that and put it in bold, because I’m not sure you got it: YOU ARE BASICALLY WORTHY.  Now let me break it down for you.  Basic as inContinue reading “basic worthiness”